Diversity at Robinson

Hey! I'm Drew Chateau, your BME officer. My role is to represent the wishes of all the ethnic minority students in Robinson and help with their welfare.

That includes things like holding drop-ins that are kept completely confidential (unless there's a need to share the information and then that is made clear) and organising social events that are open to the entire cohort.

Don't feel as if you have to attend drop-ins or you won't get any help - you can easily email me if that's any easier or fb message me, and we can take it from there!

I'm really keen to make this role more active and to actually help make diversity more prominent here at Robbo - with the help of all of you guys!


Fly Girls of Cambridge

FLY is a forum and network for women and non-binary people of colour at the University of Cambridge.
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SOAR is a forum aimed at stimulating intellectual discussion between males of the BME community within the Cambridge University network.
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