Disabled Students

Hi, I'm Harriet (she/her), a first year music student, and I'm the Mental Health and Disabilities Officer for the RCSA! I myself have a disability so I hope I might be able to use my experiences to help anyone that needs it. If there is ever anything worrying you to do with your mental health or a disability or you just want a friendly chat and a hug then please feel free to drop me a message and I will do everything I can to help you, point you in the right direction or just listen. I'm here for everyone, not just those who identify as 'disabled', so please don't feel like you can't come to me if you don't have a specific disability - sometimes we all need a little help :)

You can contact me at [email protected], come to my drop ins, or facebook message me.


Disability Resource Centre

The University offers a wide range of services for disabled students and employs a dedicated full-time team at the Disability Resource Centre. They can help you with claiming any support the university offers disabled students. www.disability.admin.cam.ac.uk
Keynes House, 24a Trumpington Street, Cambridge

Disabled Students' Campaign

The Disabled Students' Campaign is run by an elected CUSU sabbatical officer. The Campaign exists with the aim of uniting and representing disabled students at Cambridge University and holds forums twice a term in pursuit of these aims. www.disabled.cusu.cam.ac.uk