Welfare at Robinson

The Welfare team is here to support you as much or a little as you need. The team is split into several dedicated roles (Welfare, Womens, Mens, LGBT+, BME, Mental Health and Disabled Students', and Overseas Officers) and hopefully you'll feel comfortable approaching someone on the team if you need help.

A large part of the RCSA welfare teams role is running regular welfare events all year round as well as in the understandably hectic easter term. These events, such as welfare cake in the cafe during exam term, allow you just to take a minute out of your day and pause. Taking regular breaks and enjoying yourself is key to getting the most out of the time when you sit down (or stand up at the new standing desk) to work.

The Welfare Officer

Hey, I’m Natalie, the Welfare Officer. I oversee the Welfare Team and help to direct you to the right source of help to provide you with the best support possible. I hold drop-in sessions for you to come and talk to me about any issues you have. They are completely confidential (unless the situation dictates otherwise) and non-judgemental so I hope that you feel that you can be completely open!

I am also responsible for the circulation of sexual health supplies. We're registered to sign students up to the C-Card scheme which is an initiative that provides free sexual health supplies to young people under the age of 25. We also have the welfare cupboard near the library toilets that is accessible at any time of day. The cupboard has limited stock so please only use this resource when you need it and if it's empty please drop anyone on the team a message and we'll restock it.

If you ever need to get in touch with me to organise another time or ask a question feel free to send me a message on Facebook or send me an email at [email protected].

Key contacts

The RCSA Welfare Team

The RCSA Welfare team are always here to help; feel free to contact any of us at any time . We're oblidged to keep everything you say confidential. The RCSA works with CUSU to ensure that all of our welfare team are able to offer impartial advice and signpost students to the best sources of help. We all have designated drop-in sessions every week where you can come and ask us anything or just to chat.

Your Tutor

Your tutor is there to support you. Do not underestimate their pastoral experience and training- if you have a problem they're likely to be able to suggest various(often practical) ways in which you can approach resolving or managing it . If for any reason you do not get on well with your assigned tutor or would feel more comfortable discussing things with someone else, you are welcome to visit any tutor in college .

The College Nurse

The college nurse is always a good first port of call whenever you're concerned about your mental or physical health. You can book an appointment with her between 4-5pm every weekday or attend her drop-in hours which are 5-6pm Monday-Thursday or 3-4pm on a Friday.
[email protected]

The Chaplain

Simon Perry is often a popular source of support who will happily chat to you regarding any problems or issues you might be experiencing. You do not have to be of a Christian faith or any faith to contact him for help; he is another source for general pastoral support. [email protected]

The Porters

The Porters are always looking out for students, many of them have been here for extended periods of time seeing many students come and go. If you feel paniced or worried about something are are unsure of what to do the porters are always there 24/7 and will never turn you away if looking for help. You can call the Porters office on 01223 339100.

Your GP

If you want a second opinion or wish to talk with a professional for guidance you can always book an appointment with your GP. If you've registered with the Newnham Walk surgery this can be done online . www.newnhamwalksurgery.nhs.uk /

Useful Resources

Student Advice Service

The student advice service offers free, confidential, and impartial support to all Cambridge University students . You can go to them with any issues that you have - whether personal or academic .
01223 746999
[email protected]
17 Mill Lane, Cambridge


Nightline is an independent listening, support and information service run for and by students . It aims to provide every students with the opportunity to talk to someone in confidence .
01865 270270
linkline.org.uk /

University Counselling Service

Staffed by a team of trained and accredited counsellors and therapists the UCS offers free advice and counciling to students and staff of the university . The UCS offers one on one sessions as well as group classes .
01223 332865
www.counselling.cam.ac.uk /
2-3 Bene't Place, Cambridge