Overseas Students

Hi! I'm Chris, a first-year medic and your Overseas Officer. I will always be happy to discuss any problems you are having, and am particularly responsible for issues regarding homesickness, traveling, storage and discrimination. Whether local or international, do direct me queries on policy and international CUSU/society events, send me suggestions on activities and improving uni life for international students, or share with me any concerns you have.

I organise International Freshers' Week, am open to suggestions. You can find me on Facebook or at [email protected]; I don't bite and I will listen.


The International Students' Campaign

iCUSU is the umbrella body for all international societies and students in Cambridge University. We aim to serve as a hub for all things international happening in Cambridge, whilst looking out for the needs of internationals. More infomation can be found at http://www.international.cusu.cam.ac.uk/