College Societies

Sports and Societies are one of the most important parts of university life. They are an opportunity to excel at something, try something new and meet new people. More importantly they are essential to help you relax by taking your mind off work. Societies are an important part of life at Robinson, and the friendships you make help to make Robinson a friendly and inclusive community.

Robinson has very competitive sports teams, and this is made possible in part by the facilities we are able to use such as our excellent pitches which are located on Barton Road, only a five minute cycle from college.

At Robinson, there are a huge range of sports and societies available, as shown below. If you can't find a society for what you love to do, then you can easily start you own by speaking to the RCSA's Sports and Societies officer.

Art and PhotographyRoisin Kennanrk610
Badminton Matthew Cumminsmc2122
Baking Society Matt Kitemdk33
Banner Making Societykieran Mylreakcm36
BBQ SocietyTiago Lyra de Fariastl527
Board Games Society Tom Cusacktc531
Boat Club (Men's) Michael Bradnickmb2266
Calvin Prestoncp662
Boat Club (Women's) Caitlin Arnoldcja62
Scarlett Stevensstjs2
Brickhouse Theatre CompanyThomas Coxtkc27
Chapel Choir Francis Bushell(fb493)
Cheerleading SocietyMaisie Hobbsmjh263
Cheese and Wine SocietyFreddie Fiskff326
Oliver Harrisoh274
Chess SocietyPeter Currypc536
Christian Union Sebastian Mitchell?
Rohan Yesudianriy20
Climbing ClubMax Fryermf699
Cricket Harry Hewetthch30
CroquetTom Whitworthtw479
Clara Calderscmc202
Cross Country & Athletics Oliver Foxojsf2
DebatingSamuel Clementssc2049
EngineeringHarriet Crisphc492
FemSocHazel Nicholsonehn23
Film Society Morrison Cleavermc2201
Football (Men's) Morrison Cleavermc2201
Football (Women's)Maria Mobio (Selwyn)mgm51
FrenchValentine Lauwereinsvsfl2
GardeningHannah Waltershw532
HockeyEd Hayden-Briffeteh629
Harry Brownehb548
Lacrosse (Mixed)Caroline Dauriscd709
David Renniedjr74
LawMax Willismgew3
Christopher Symescms219
MedVetAndy Quarrellaeq21
Susannah Simpsonsrs64
Music (RCMS) Francis Bushellfb493
Netball (Mixed)Harriet Crisphc492
Netball (Women's)Lydia Williamslw632
Penguins Ultimate FrisbeeCaptain (Queens') - Kazimir Uzwyshyn-Joneskiu20
Treasurer (Robinson) - Andy Quarrellaeq21
PoolBrett Noden-
QUIZ societyBen Hartblh28
Role Playing Games Ross Brownrjb255
Rugby (Mens)Roman Consrpbc2
Scottish SocietyEmma Macraeejm212
Squash (Men's)Keshav Sivakumarks929
Squash (Women's) Louise Barnabyleb67
Swimming and WaterpoloMax Medhurstmem72
Tea Soc Sebastien Williamssw811
TennisSophia Kjeldbjergsck39
Catherine Funnelcmf64
VeganSarah Becksb2221
Video Games SocietyTom Cusacktc531
Vocal ChordsJames hendy(jwh62)
Windsurfing and SailingJuliette Kennedyjalk2
World Film SocietyEmily Morleyelm67
Yoga and MindfulnessHazel Nicholsonehn23