Texts from students

Robinson has loads active societies, sports (rowing, hockey, football, rugby, cricket, water polo and many more), music, film, theatre and many more. I loved my time here so far and honestly would not want to be anywhere else

Cammy Mitchell (second year Medicine)

At Robinson I’ve found the perfect balance between the “real world” and the sort of Cambridge dream that I envisaged prior to arriving here. Not only are you receiving a first-class education but you’re also in a space where it’s really easy to remove yourself from the grandeur of Cambridge when needs be. I feel really lucky to be surrounded by so many brilliant people. Instead of feeling intimidated, I’m motivated to improve alongside the great minds around me and use that knowledge in a really applicable way. I’ve developed the confidence to really express myself. There’s an atmosphere of normality here that strikes the perfect balance; a space that you can thrive in regardless of social background. I think that’s really rare no matter what university you’re at. Choosing Robinson is one of those decisions I’ll thank myself for, now and in years to come.

Elle Shea (second year MML)

Robinson (aka the Red Fortress), it’s definitely the best place to have a balanced and fun life in Cambridge. The College also has great accommodation and gardesn and a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

Van (second year land economist)

Robinson is friendly and relaxed, a great place to study and socialise.

Harry Normanton (second year historian)

What I love at Robinson is waking up in the morning and seeing our deer - wildlife and nature is at the heart of our college environment.

Anna Spaniol (second year AMES)

Its sad my time has come to an end at Robinson, I have learnt so many new skills and experiences which I will take with me.

Ben peacock (PCGE student)

Robinson has given me so many opportunities to improve my academic, social and personal skills and also learn new ones, I feel more confident and ready to apply myself for future graduate schemes and am excited for whatever the future brings.

Rohan (third year Philosophy)

Robinson College truly feels like a second home, when I get home I miss the red bricks and can’t wait to come back. The café and gardens are my favourite places – the gardens are well maintained and lovely to spent time in when its summer. The Red Brick café is also a favourite hangout, the staff here are so friendly and the café it is a really convenient place to work and socialise – something which a lot of other colleges don’t have.

Emily Fishman (second year historian)

The vibrant community atmosphere and excellent social and academic facilities make Robinson a great college to both live and study in.