Why Robinson

So why choose Robinson? Picking a Cambridge college can feel like a mind boggling task, especially with every college trying to convince you that they are the best for you. This section aims to explore what Robinson College has to offer and what features make Robinson College unique. Robinson may well be the college for you.

The Alternative choice

Robinson College is the newest college in Cambridge, built entirely out of red bricks it is the quirkiest, coolest college out there. For those of you looking for an alternative to the traditional Cambridge colleges, then Robinson College is the place for you.

Friendly and welcoming

Robinson strives on being a friendly college, we have a diverse range of students from all over the world and from many different backgrounds studying at Robinson. The college atmosphere is fun, laid back and friendly. All first years live in college accommodation, with second and third years having the freedom of choice to live in a house on Adams road or Sylvester road, or live in college. Living in college means you develop a close network of friends with each staircase having its own unique community, housing students from all over the world.

The Gardens

The gardens are beautiful and tranquil a perfect place to relax after a day studying in the library, we even have a resident deer. With beautiful gardens hidden behind the red brick castle and maze of the college houses, the environment is warm and welcoming. Unlike other colleges these gardens are open to all members of the college and strolling on the grass to enjoy them is completely allowed! Students enjoy the gardens the most in summer eating their lunches on the lawn outside, playing croquet and soaking up the sun being common sight. Our college gardens as well as being pretty and a nice place to chill out in, are historically special being home to some interesting species such as the “dementor tree” by Thorney creek. If you’re really lucky you might also spot the deer that’s also made this little oasis her home, otherwise it’s just the birds, cats (and students) that contribute to the local wildlife.

Food and Red brick Café

Robinson has a café and a restaurant – unlike other colleges we have the best of both worlds. The café is open during the day and transforms into a bar during the evening, The café has a good range of sandwiches, wraps and sushi (I would recommend the panini’s) and an excellent selection of hot drinks, smoothies, milkshakes and diverse tea selection (everything from earl grey to green). They also stock emergency supplies – eggs, bread and milk. The Garden Restaurant opens out onto the Robinson gardens and opens – Mon-Fri (Breakfast 8am-9am, Lunch 12:30-2, and dinner from 6:7:15pm), at the weekends it has brunch from 12 (which is the highlight of every student’s weekend). The garden restaurant (or GR) has excellent vegan and vegetarian options too, and the staff are more than happy to help cater for special dietary requirements. We also serve formal hall (Tuesday and Friday) which requires a gown, and involves a three course set menu with lots of fancy cutlery. Formals are a very special occasion, they are NOT compulsory, but are a lovely event to attend. Despite Robinson being a modern college, we keep with tradition and formal hall is an example of this.

Library and study resources

We also have a well-stocked library, a great place for productive work. The Robinson library holds over 50,000 books, all in good order. The layout is easy to follow, with the science book (medicine, chemistry, veterinary, and physics) history of art and DVD collection being upstairs. English literature, German, French, Russian and Italian (as well as many other language books) being situated on the ground floor. Classics, history, geography, philosophy, theology and social sciences being located on the lower floor. The library also stocks a printer room, a photocopy room and offers a great range of desks with plug points for laptops. The library as a rule of no food or drink, but water in a bottle is allowed. The library is also open 24hours, but office hours from 9-5pm weekdays. The librarian is on hand at these times if you need help or assistance. To take books out requires your university card, and a simply scanning process which is signposted. To enter the library your university card is also needed. It’s important to respect the space of the library, bins are placed for rubbish and in the evenings noise is kept to a minimum to ensure a good working environment.


Robinson has a perfect location, with the college being located just outside the busy centre of Cambridge (and opposite the University Library woo..) you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, and tourists whilst still being close enough to walk there and back in 20 minutes.