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There are lots and lots of sports societies you can join at Robinson but Robinson Badminton club is a way to do a bit of exercise and also have fun! We meet every Sunday at 6pm in the Real Tennis Club (RTC) opposite Robinson for a couple of hours where you can practice your technique and play games with each other. All abilities are welcome and we are a very relaxed club (you don’t have to commit to going every week), which makes the badminton club a great society to join for individuals who didn’t do much sport before university but would like to start. We provide spare rackets and shuttles, so all you need to bring is yourself. However, if you are a sports-fanatic and love playing competitively, you should also join! During the first and second term, we play matches against some of the other colleges at Cambridge. We play in doubles and three pairs play per match – so you are never playing alone! Even if you have never come to Robinson badminton feel free to join at any time. We are always open to new players throughout term time, whether you just come for a knock-up with friends or want to play more competitively!

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