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When you think about sports at Cambridge, rowing is probably one of the first ones that springs to mind. Robinson has a thriving Boat Club which is open to everyone regardless of experience or sporting prowess. If you’ve already rowed at a club or your school then you can join our competitive upper boats who train three to seven times a week and race on the Cam. However, most people have never rowed before university and learn to do so in their first term. The early mornings are a bit of a pain, but learning to row is a great way to stay fit and healthy in the face of fresher’s chub, and you’re guaranteed at least eight new friends (the rest of your boat) who you’ll bond with over your new sport as you train together two or three times a week and enter competitions.
If the very idea of movement fills you with dread, but you’d still like to get involved then you can also learn to be a cox. This is the person who is in control of the rowers and steers the boat, a different but no less important position with little to no exercise involved.
Joining the boat club is an easy way to meet new people from all years and, as well as the sport itself, there are lots of socials and other fun things which you can get involved with as a reward for all the exercise you’ve been doing. Plus, there’s lots of cool kit you get to wear.

Boat Club (Men's): List
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