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Robinson’s Chapel Choir is a friendly and successful one without the weighty schedule found in other colleges. We sing two services a week, tour annually and put on a number of concerts throughout the year. Under the direction of Simon Brown, two undergraduate organ scholars and graduate conducting students, it’s a great place to engage with an exciting repertoire and still have time to make the most what Cambridge has to offer. Recent international tour destinations have included Paris, Milan, Toronto, Prague, and Hong Kong with term time trips to St Edmundsbury and Peterborough Cathedrals, as well as joint services with other college choirs. Special liturgical or academic occasions, including singing from Robinson’s highest tower at dawn on May Day(!), always prove to be good fun.
Not only does the chapel boast a stunning John Piper window, but it also holds a Frobenius organ and a Rubio harpsichord. Material perks of Choir Membership include a weekly Formal Hall, free of charge, and an annual Choir Dinner, not to mention the highly desirable chapel choir scarf! For more details, please feel free to email Simon Brown at

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