Hi, I’m Karina (she/her), the Disabled Students’ and Mental Health Officer. I’m a first year student studying economics. I can support you with anything (not just disability and mental health related) and be a friendly presence just to chat to. You don’t have to be a disabled student (or diagnosed with anything) to talk to me, and I can point you in the right direction to get any specific help if needed as I have a lot of experience in this area.

I know there is always a lot to be done to aid students with their disabilities and mental health so please feel free to talk to me about any suggestions as to what the college can do further.

You can contact me at ks978@cam.ac.uk , or come to my drop-ins (sadly online right now but I will be available for a hug as soon as possible!)




The University offers a wide range of services for disabled students and employs a dedicated full-time team at the Disability Resource Centre. They can help you with claiming any support the university offers disabled students. www.disability.admin.cam.ac.uk
Keynes House, 24a Trumpington Street, Cambridge


The Disabled Students' Campaign is run by an elected CUSU sabbatical officer. The Campaign exists with the aim of uniting and representing disabled students at Cambridge University and holds forums twice a term in pursuit of these aims. www.disabled.cusu.cam.ac.uk