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Where and when does your society meet?

RCMS concerts take place every Friday evening at 6:30pm in the Chapel

What do you do?

We host weekly concerts usually featuring performers or groups from within Robinson/Cambridge, and occasionally we invite professional musicians to perform. Concerts typically last 30 minutes, finishing in good time for Friday formal hall.

What roles are there?

The Society has typically been run by two joint Presidents who deliver the concerts every week, and with whom you can get in touch if you'd like a chance to perform.

What ability does someone need to join?

There are no 'membership' requirements as such - all of our concerts are free for anyone to attend. If you'd like to perform in a concert, we are open to all types of musical performances.

What equipment is provided? What personal kit does someone need?

In terms of practice rooms, there is a Music Room with a Yamaha grand piano, and a slightly smaller Music Practice Room with a Broadwood upright piano. There are also guitar amplifiers, drums, and music stands in the practice rooms. Our Chapel is equipped with a Steinway grand piano and Frobenius organ. You can book the practice rooms through the Porter's Lodge, and you are free to use any of the instruments in there. However, the Frobenius organ and Steinway piano in the Chapel require special permission. Beyond this, the College does not have a set of instruments available for borrowing.

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