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Robinson College Tea Society informally began through a group of friends meeting up with each other throughout term-time to take a much needed break from the fast-paced Cambridge environment, over cups of tea. With a growing tea collection (with SO many flavours from traditional English Breakfast to chocolate to chai to sweet chilli to chamomile), and a growing awareness of a shared love for tea around college, Tea Society Presidents David Lowis and Georgie Edmonds decided to make drinking tea a formal part of student life at Robinson. The histories of this fellowship have faded into obscurity, but its founding probably occurred between the years 2014-2017. Tea Society met regularly during term time and provides a relaxed and informal space for students to meet up, drink tea and look after each other when times get stressful! The society also held a special mid-term campaign where we delivered anyone in need of a tiny tea pick-me-up a special tea bag of their choice to their pigeon hole. Inevitably, however, all things must end, and David and Georgie have long since graduated from the college. Who then, shall assume the mantle of the Scion of Tea Soc, the One True Lord of the Leaf? That man is Sebastien Williams, who has taken over the primary administrative role at the society, working to deliver this perennially British beverage to the people. Tea truly makes life better, and Tea Society makes sure that when anyone is in need of a liquid hug, we are there, spreading the tea love one tea-bag at a time.

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